Virus-killing Microban 24 spray is back in stock on Amazon at a rare discount

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  • BGR Deals readers are probably all aware of it Purell hand cleaner and Lysol spray has flown from Amazon’s virtual store shelves recently.
  • Now there is another disinfectant left in stock and you should check out while shopping for the essentials.
  • Microban 24 disinfectant spray has become so popular that it was recently sold out at Amazon – now it’s back in stock with a surprise discount!

As far as the essentials of pandemic are concerned, there are a few things in particular that our readers always seem to be wearing. First best seller Powecom KN95 headband masks and Powecom KN95 ear hooks masks have flown off the shelves like crazy. They both used to sell for $ 45 per box, but now you can get them for just over half as much at Amazon. AccuMed face masks have also been top sellers and they cost about the same amount.

Now that you have taken care of face masks, there is something else that our readers have been stocking up on lately.

Today’s Top Deal %title% List price:% original price% Price:%price% You save:% discount amount% (% discount_percent%) BGR, available from Amazon, may receive a commission Buy nowCoupon code: % Coupon Code% Available from Amazon BGR may receive a commission

Nothing is more popular for cleaning your hands on the go than Purell hand cleaner – and it happens to be for sale right now at the lowest prices we’ve seen on Amazon since 2019, before the pandemic even began. Prices have also fallen too Purell cloths.

Now when it comes to cleaners that have been shown to kill viruses on surfaces, the two most popular options are Clorox cloths and Lysol spray. Both are in stock right now on Amazon at slightly less inflated prices than you saw a few months ago, which is great. But there is now another new cleanser that has shot the charts with our readers.

It is a wildly popular EPA approved cleanser called Microban 24 disinfectant spray, and it is already sold in stores and online.

Microban Professional Sanitizing Spray, clear List price:$ 65.28 Price:$ 47.59 ($ 7.93 / per carton) You save:$ 17.69 (27%) BGR, available from Amazon, may receive a commission Buy now

Microban 24 disinfectant spray comes from Proctor and Gamble, and the company announced EPA approval in a press release. As everyone can clearly see on the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s website, this spray cleaner is actually now an approved coronavirus killer. According to P & G’s press release, Microban 24 was shown to kill the new coronavirus in as little as 60 seconds on soft surfaces, while hard surfaces such as tabletops took 5 minutes to disinfect. Remember that different disinfectants and disinfectants take different time to kill viruses and other bacteria, so always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Proctor & Gamble is popular Microban 24 spray is sold out in many stores across the country and it even sold out at Amazon last month. Not only is it back in stock right now … there is a surprise discount!

Microban Professional Sanitizing Spray, clear List price:$ 65.28 Price:$ 47.59 ($ 7.93 / per carton) You save:$ 17.69 (27%) BGR, available from Amazon, may receive a commission Buy now

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