Woman confused over Tom Brady’s Lombardi Trophy throw told to ‘light up’

The Buccaneers defend the Tom Brady pass and create some controversy.

Lorraine Grohs, daughter of silversmith Greg Grohs, who made the original Lombardi Trophy, wants an apology from Brady for him to throw this year’s version “is if it was a real football” to end Cameron Brate during the team’s championship boat parade last week.

Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht responded to a tweet which featured the video of Grohs’ story from Cape Coral, Florida Fox4 with a GIF by Warren Oates as Sgt. Hulka in the movie “Stripes” says “Light up Francis.”

That throws around the Lombardi Trophy of the 43-year-old Brady seen in a video that went viral on Wednesday was not a ridiculous affair for Grohs, who lives in Fort Myers, Fla. Her father was a master silversmith from 1967-1994 at Tiffany and Company, which has the task of producing the trophy.

“A lot of hard work, a lot of hours go into it,” she told Fox 4. “It just bothered me that this trophy was dishonored and respected by being thrown like a real football. I did not sleep the last two nights because of this. I was so sad because I know the passion that lies in this trophy and how my father and all his colleagues are so proud to make it happen. I personally would like an apology, not only to me and my family and the other silversmiths, but to the fans. ”

Brady led the Buccaneers to a 31-9 victory over defending champion Kanas City Chiefs in the 2021 Super Bowl to win his seventh Lombardi Trophy. The future Hall of Fame quarterback also created riots when he needed a companion to go when you return to land after the bubbling boat parade.

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