‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’: Jared Leto gets why you’re turning out for the new trailer

We’ve spent years making this joke, and Jared Leto just said it.


Well, it happened. Sunday the official trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League confirmed director Zack Snyder is extremely online. The drive up to release of the official trailer has been an exciting one. Over the past few weeks, new details, photos and teaser videos have been released during the HBO Max premiere Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Last week we got one take a closer look Jared Leto‘s Joker, which jumps from the 2016s Suicide Squad and into Snyder’s cut of Justice League, and a teaser with the big bad in Snyder’s film, Darkseid.

When we talk about Leto’s Joker, he’s actually part of the reason we now think Snyder is more in tune with the times than we previously thought. In itself the end of the official trailer, we get a preview of the Joker’s scene with Batman (Leg Affleck). In the clip, Joker looks out over a post-apocalyptic wilderness. As he does so, he tells Batman, “We live in a society where honor is a distant memory. Isn’t that right, Batman?”

Now, if you’re extremely online like Snyder, then you know that “We Live in a Society” has been the primary meme fuel for years. It is a phrase which, although not originally said by the Joker, has become shorthand to describe his pessimistic and chaotic outlook on life. It has also been a phrase that has lived most of its life on the internet. Hearing it said by the one character so closely associated with it was quite impressive – a fact that Leto acknowledged when he retweeted Cheats the Cut trailer and the caption “We live in a society.”

The phrase “We live in a society” has become synonymous with the Joker, as meme culture has been further intertwined with social media. In fact, that Mashable reminds us that “We Live in a Society” bit began as edgelord meme material and rose in popularity to the point that it now feels like Harley Quinn is hitting us over the head with its comically large wooden hammer when it appears online. In 2019, fans went so far as to start one Petition from Change.org having Joaquin Phoenix “We live in a society” in Todd PhillipsJoker. And while that did not happen, they did not have to wait too long before Snyder Cut Justice League trailer confirmed it as cannon when Leto’s Joker said the five magic words that the whole world could hear on Sunday.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League premieres on HBO Max on March 18th. See some of the spiciest and most viral reactions to the Joker’s infamous line below. For more, find out what’s coming to HBO Max this month.

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